31 July 2008

Question of the Day - 31 July 2008

Into which sea does the Volga flow?

Dans quelle mer la Volga se jette-t-elle?

30 July 2008

Question of the Day - 30 July 2008

Does an object with a mass of 1kg on weigh more on the Moon, more on Earth, or is it the same?

Un objet d'une masse de 1kg, pèse-t-il plus sur la Lune, plus sur Terre, ou est-ce pareil?

29 July 2008

The show must go on!

Mr Quiz is taking a short holiday this summer. However, the Quiz goes on! A special guest star will present the quiz (questions written by Mr Quiz) for two weeks in August. Be nice to him!

Mr Quiz prend de petites vacances cet été, mais le Quiz continue! Un animateur invité présentera le Quiz (questions écrites par Mr Quiz) pendant deux semaines au mois d'août. Soyez gentil avec lui!

Question of the day - 29 July 2008

Of which city was Pope Benedict XVI archbishop from 1977 to 1981?

De quelle ville le pape Benoît XVI était-il archevêque entre 1977 et 1981?

28 July 2008

Question of the day - 28 July 2008

What is the colour difference between the flags of Luxembourg and the Netherlands?

En termes de couleur, quelle est la différence entre les drapeaux du Luxembourg et des Pays Bas?

27 July 2008

Question of the day - 27 July 2008

What is the name of the mythical gold-rich country once thought to exist in South America?

25 July 2008

Question of the Day - 25 July 2008

If you are served asztali bor with your goulash, what are you getting:

a. cream
b. beer
c. wine

Answer of the week - 16 July 2008

Believe it or not, Danilo Giuffrida had his licence revoked because he's gay and therefore, apparently, mentally unfit to have normal driving licence.

Read the story here:
Italian wins gay driving ban case (BBC)

or here:
Damages for gay Italian driver forced to retake test (The Guardian)

22 July 2008

Question of the week - 16 July 2008

Why was Danilo Giuffrida (Italy) made take his driving test again in 2000, and every year since, until a court ordered his full licence to be restored in July this year?

a. because he is gay
b. because he is deaf
c. because he has only one leg?

I've always been a sucker for gadgets...

... and what's a blog only a gadget?

When the first mobile phones appeared a few years ago -- weighing about a kilo -- I resisted for a while before following the crowd. Who doesn't have one now? Then the world and its significant other got their own website. It didn't take me long to make my first shoddy attempt at cyber-publishing (no trace exists today of that piece of history -- at least not in the public domain).

I've been running the Quiz at The Green Linnet since October 2003 (almost a twentieth of a century). "So why don't you set up a blog, Mr Quiz?" my fans chanted as one. As I said, I'm a sucker, so here goes.

Come in, sit down, relax, converse; my blog won't always look like this -- it'll get worse.