21 September 2017

Question of the Week – 20 September 2017

Name the six songs and six performers. Then find the connection between the songs.
Nommer les six chansons et les six interprètes. Puis trouver le lien entre les chansons.

20 September 2017

Clue of the week – 20 September 2017

This week it's music. You'll have to identify six songs (title and artist). Then, for a bonus, find the link.
Cette semaine, c'est de la musique. Il faudra identifier six chansons (titres et interprètes). Ensuite, trouver le lien pour un bonus.

15 September 2017

Question of the week – 13 September 2017

I was a bit disappointed that nobody got the correct answer to this question at the Quiz at the Green Linnet on Wednesday:
After a performance of almost 20 years,
who is going to bow out in a fiery Grand Finale on Friday?

Après presque 20 ans de performance,
qui va tirer sa révérence dans un Grand Final embrasé ce vendredi?
Is the wording too cryptic?

13 September 2017

Clue of the week – 13 September 2017

48 humans, 3 dogs, 1 monkey, 8 boats
48 humains, 3 chiens, 1 singe, 8 bateaux

(Please do not comment – merci de ne pas faire de commentaires.)

04 September 2017

Coming soon...

Mr Quiz,

in collaboration with

Holger S
(formerly aus P, now aus D),

is proud to present:

The Return of the Bonus Question!

Coming soon to a Quiz near you.

Tune in on Wednesday afternoon for more information.

09 August 2017

9 August 2017 - Guess who's presenting tonight...

Mr Quiz is away for a second week. Able-quizman Garry will be taking care of you again tonight.
See y'all next week!