30 August 2021

No live Quiz on 1 September

The Green Linnet is closed this week, so the live Quiz is suspended.
Would a podcast episode be of interest?

04 August 2021

Summer 2021 – the show goes on!

Mr Quiz is not taking a summer break this year.

The live show at The Green Linnet goes on throughout the month of August.

There may be a guest presenter for one or two shows, but rest assured: the hand of Mr Quiz is still firmly on the tiller.

This week's episode of the Podcast will, however, be the last of the season. Back in September.

For the podcast archives, search for "Le Quiz by Mr Quiz" on you favourite podcast platform or music streaming app.

28 July 2021

Winners 28 July 2021

These fine young people took the champagne this week...


End of the Mr Quiz Facebook page

As a result of persistent harassment by Facebook (10 messages per day pushing me to pay for ads), I have decided to stop updating this page. All future announcements will be made here and on Twitter only:

Mr Quiz on Twitter

22 June 2021

23 June at The Green Linnet

20.30 Quiz part 1
21.00 POR-FRA part 1
21.45 Quiz part 2
22.00 POR-FRA part 2