24 July 2017

Quiz of 26 July 2017 (corrected!)

There will be no bonus question at this week's Quiz, but you might find a question on this subject:
Covered Passages in Paris (sous-titres disponibles en français).

06 July 2017

Question of the week – 5 July 2017

At last night's Quiz a team of twenty-something-year-old Americans did not know the answer to this question:
In which year was the American declaration of independence?
Make America great again!

21 June 2017

20 April 2017

Question of the week – 19 April 2017

Which candidate in the French presidential election considers that France would be better off as a member of the Bolivarian Alliance – whose members include Cuba and Venezuela, and include Russia, Iran and Syria as official observers – rather than remain a member of the European Union?

Quel candidat à l’élection présidentielle estime que la France ferait mieux d’adhérer à l’Alliance Bolivarienne – qui conte Cuba et le Venezuela parmi ses membres, et la Russie, l’Iran et la Syrie comme observateurs officiels – plutôt que de rester membre de l’Union Européenne ?

15 March 2017

Special guest presenters tonight

George and Simon are filling my shoes tonight, 15 March.

Be nice to them!

15 February 2017

Clue of the week – 15 February 2017

Asymmetric relationship. Relation asymétrique.

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25 January 2017

Clue of the week – 25 January 2017


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