10 August 2016

August 2016 – the return of the Deputy!

Mr Quiz is currently on a tour of Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece and Hungary. During his absence, Garry will be stepping in as presenter at the Green Linnet every Wednesday – starting tonight!

04 August 2016

Favourite question of the week – 3 August 2016

According to Biblical legend, when David wanted to marry Michal what dowry did her father demand: 100 donkeys; 100 foreskins; 100 poems?

Selon la légende biblique, quand David voulait se marier avec Michal, quelle dot son père exigea-t-il : 100 ânes ; 100 prépuces ; 100 poèmes ?

03 August 2016

Clue of the week – 3 August 2016

New York, London?  
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