29 September 2008

Clue of the week (Quiz 1 Oct 2008)

Destroyed by Atari, circa 1979.

Question of the day - 29 September 2008

I take out a loan with an interest rate of 12% per annum (simple interest); the total amount to be paid back over 15 months is €796.25; what is the amount of the loan?

Je prends un crédit à un taux d'intérêt de 12% annuel (intérêt simple); le montant total à rembourser sur 15 mois est de 796,25€; quel est le montant emprunté?

26 September 2008

Question of the day - 26 September 2008

Who was born first:
Henry IV of England or Henry IV of France?

Lequel est né en premier:
Henri IV de France ou Henri IV d'Angleterre?

25 September 2008

Question of the day - 25 September 2008

In Germany, what is ostalgie?

En Allemagne, qu'est-ce que ostalgie?

22 September 2008

Clue of the week (Quiz 24 Sep 2008)

... everything free in America

for a small fee...

20 September 2008

Question of the day - 21 September 2008

A Mutiny on which battleship was a pivotal event in the Russian Revolution of 1905?

Une mutinerie à bord de quel cuirassé était un événement clé de la révolution russe de 1905?

18 September 2008

Le Pub Quiz - where love stories begin

Mr Quiz is delighted to announce the first wedding of a Quiz Couple!

Yes folks, M... and L... who are regulars at the Wednesday night Quiz at the Green Linnet have announced their engagement!

The happy couple met at the Quiz a few years ago and have been team-mates ever since. In fact they have also won the Quiz on several occasions thanks to their complementary centres of knowledge and interest (and the help of some friends).

Since Mr Quiz has not yet been authorised by the French State to officiate at weddings, they are getting married in Brittany, the happy event being planned for next year.

So if you're looking for a soul mate but you're tired of trawling through sweaty nightclubs, can't keep up with speed-dating, and cyber-dating provides more sighs than dates, then take a leaf out of M&L's book:

Come to the Pub Quiz - where love stories begin!

Mr Quiz

Question of the day - 18 September 2008

Which three countries have both Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts?

Quels trois pays ont une côte atlantique et une côte méditerranéenne?

Mea culpa!

During the Quiz last night I gave an incorrect year for one of the This Week in History questions:

the Flight of the Earls in fact took place in 1607.

Maybe that's why so few teams got the right answer!

17 September 2008

Question of the day - 17 September 2008

What term describes an organ that can be used to grasp objects?

Quel terme décrit une organe qui est capable de saisir des objets?

15 September 2008

Clue of the week

Where the sun, it was said, never set.

Question of the day - 15 September 2008

What is the common name for hydrated iron oxide?

Quel est nom commun pour oxyde ferrique hydraté?

13 September 2008

Question of the day - 13 September 2008

In 1284, according to legend, the Pied Piper lured the children away from which German town?

En 1284, selon la légende, le Joueur de Flûte a attiré les enfants de quelle ville allemande?

12 September 2008

Question of the day - 12 September 2008

In which city are the headquarters of the UN?

Dans quelle ville se trouve le siège de l'ONU?

11 September 2008

Question of the day - 11 September 2008

In Irish mythology, what is Tír na nÓg:
the land of the young;
the god of the sea;
a dance?

Dans la mythologie irlandaise, qu'est-ce que Tír na nÓg:
le pays de la jeunesse;
le dieu de la mer;
une danse?

10 September 2008

Question of the day - 10 September 2008

Which model of car could be bought "in any colour – so long as it's black"?

Quel modèle de voiture était disponible dans la "couleur du choix du client – pourvue qu'elle soit noire"?

09 September 2008

Question of the day - 9 September 2008

Which is the world's oldest metro?

Quel est le plus ancien métro du monde?

02 September 2008

Question of the day - 2 September 2008

Which group released an album entitled Sandinista! in 1980?

Quel groupe a sorti un album intitulé Sandinista! en 1980?

01 September 2008

Question of the day - 1 September 2008

Which Hindu god has an elephant's head?

Quel dieu hindou a la tête d'un éléphant?