08 July 2010

Question of the Day - 8 July 2010

A Mutiny on which battleship was a pivotal event in the Russian Revolution of 1905?

Une mutinerie à bord de quel cuirassé fut un événement clé de la révolution russe de 1905?


Anonymous said...

1. It's July 8 not June
2. There is no death penalty in the UK for any crime

Páraic Maguire said...

1. Thanks for the correction (noone commented on it on Facebook);
2. I guess from your comment who you are - "furia roja"?
3. I was fairly sure that all possible recourse to death penalty was removed in UK;
4. What about the question of the day?

Anonymous said...


Skibbereen Eagle said...

In June, 1905, sailors on the Potemkin battleship, protested against the serving of rotten meat. The captain ordered that the ringleaders to be shot. The firing-squad refused to carry out the order and joined with the rest of the crew in throwing the officers overboard.

The sailors sailed into Odessa harbour but were unable to land. Fearing that the Potemkin would be attacked by other ships of the Russian fleet, the mutineers decided to leave Odessa. The crew sailed the Potemkin to Romania where they surrendered to the local authorities.

One of those sailors was a cetain Ivan Beshoff who settled in Malahide, Ireland and opened a Fish and Chip shop. This is the origin of the Behoff chain of shops in Dublin.

Miff said...

Hey, quick question. Will there be a pub quiz on Wednesday 14th July, i.e. la Fête Nationale?

Páraic Maguire said...

Yes, the Quiz will take place as usual next Wednesday, 14 July.

There might even be a few questions about the Revolution.