01 September 2011

Tides in Nantes

The following question was part of last night's quiz at the Green Linnet:
Is the difference between high and low tide bigger in Nantes or Nice; or is it about the same?
La différence entre marée haute et basse est-elle plus grande à Nantes ou à Nice; ou est-ce pareil ?

The correct answer is Nantes (there is almost no tidal effect in the Mediterranean Sea).

Several participants in the Quiz suggested that Mr Quiz was wrong; that there is no tide at Nantes because the town is not on the ocean.  Those people are cordially invited to consult this website where they will see that the tidal range at Nantes can be up to 6 metres: http://www.nantes.port.fr/le-port-en-direct/horaires-des-marees/
In Nice it is about 20 centimetres.

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