09 March 2012

Question of the Day - 9 March 2012

In which decade was the tomb of Tutankhamon opened for the first time in over 3000 years (bonus for the exact year)? En quelle décennie le tombeau fut-il ouvert pour la première fois depuis plus de 3000 ans (bonus pour l'année précise)?

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Skibbereen Eagle said...

Tutankhamun's (The living image of Amun) tomb was opened by Howard Carter in 1922 who is reported to have said "I can see wondrous things.

It is a disappointing tomb to visit and he died suddenly and young (19?) so another tomb was borrowed and only the burial chamber is decorated.

The artefacts are another mater, I was mesmerised by the 3,000 year old war chariot I saw in Luxor Museum, beautifully crafted and looks like it was made yesterday.