04 February 2014

Question of the Day on Facebook

At the moment, Question of the Day is published directly on the Mr Quiz blog and then automatically republished on Twitter and on Facebook on the Mr Quiz in Paris page as well as on the personal page of Mr Quiz (aka Páraic).

From now on, the QotD will no longer be republished my personal page, so if you want to keep seeing it on FB, visit the "Mr Quiz in Paris" page and "like" it.

Aujourd'hui, la Question of the Day est publiée directement sur le blog de Mr Quiz et rediffusée de manière automatique sur Twitter et sur les pages Facebook de Mr Quiz in Paris ainsi que sur ma page personnelle.

Dorénavant, la QotD ne s'affichera plus sur ma page personnelle.   Si vous souhaitez continuez à la voir sur FB, likez la page!


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