16 October 2008

Bonus points!

When I write the questions (in English and French) for the Quiz I use an Azerty keyboard as that's the standard here in France. Sometimes I use a Qwerty keyboard, for example, when I'm in certain establishments for work.

On the AZERTY keyboard the symbols ; and : are side-by-side; on the Qwerty keyboard they are on the same key.

This week I wrote a question concerning symbols on adjacent keys, then changed it at the last minute. Unfortunately I changed it in one language and forgot to change it in the other.

The result is that some of the participants at the Green Linnet Quiz last night did not get the points they deserved when they answered the question correctly.

(Si quelqu'un a besoin d'une traduction de cette explication, désolé, je n'ai pas le temps.)

So, as a once-off special gesture, I have decided to make an ex-gratia retroactive award of 10 extra points to all teams!

Et en vf:
Alors, j'ai décidé, à titre gracieux, d'accorder 10 points de plus à la note finale de chaque équipe!

Mr Quiz

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