05 January 2009

Clue of the week (Quiz 7 January)

Vive le calendrier!


Skibbereen Eagle said...

Can only think this refers to it being Xmas Day on the Julian Calendar as celebrated by the Orthodox churches.

Incidentally that was the reason the Tax Year began on 6th April - This was 25th March Spring Quarter Day on which taxes were due on the Julian Calendar and when the Gregorian Calendar was introduced in england (Over 100 years after everywhere else - nothing new there) the merchants of the City of London refused to pay their taxes according to the popish calendar!

Páraic Maguire said...

Interesting, Daithai C!

However, the Clue of the Week is just that, a clue, not a question. It must be taken together with the other clues announced "live" at the Pub Quiz in order to find the answer.

In this case, though, there were no other clues; the question itself was:

"What are the names of the twelve months of the French Republican calendar?"

So you'll see the relevance of the clue.