03 August 2011

Question of the Day - 3 August 2011

True or false: the European Court of Human Rights is an institution of the EU?

Info ou intox: la Cour européenne des Droits de l'Homme est une institution de UE?


Anonymous said...

False, it's wider than that. European council, I think.

Skibbereen Eagle said...

False! Set up by the Allied Powers under the aegis of The Council of Europe to stop a repeat of the Nazis etc; But the Tory Boys in the UK think it is connected to the EU and forget that Conservative PM Winston Churchill was one of the prime movers. Mind you he didn't believe in Civil Rights for Africans as the Mau Mau campaign in Kenya was going on in Kenya at the same time, interning without trial in Concentration Camps Barack Obama's grandfather among many others!