19 July 2012

Question of the Day - 19 July 2012

The names aspirin and heroin were once trademarks of which pharmaceutical company?

Les nom aspirine et héroïne étaient des noms déposés de quelle compagnie pharmaceutique?

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Skibbereen Eagle said...

In a previous life I studied chemistry and worked for ICI's captive reinsurance arm so I am surprising dosed up on pharmaceuticals. Acetylsalicylic acid (ASA)is still trademarked as Aspirin in some countries by Bayer. As they no longer push (sic)Heroin they don't enforce this former trademark.
The salicylic in the chemical name is a clue that it occurs in willow bark and leaves and is mentioned in the writings of my good friend from Kos, Mr. Hippocrates.