20 February 2014

Question of the Day - 20 February 2014

Here's a question from last night's Quiz.  I was interrupted several times during the announcement of the question, so there was lots of confusion. As a consequence, no team got the answer.  Try it now:

I bought 31 pieces of fruit for a total of €11.00, with different varieties of fruit in separate bags; each bag of fruit cost a multiple of €0.50; I spent most on pears; the oranges cost same as the lemons; I bought one pineapple which cost half as much as all the pears; the grapefruit and the apples cost same, but I got one more grapefruit than apples; how many of each variety of fruit did I buy?

J'ai acheté 31 fruits pour un total de 11€, chaque variété dans un sachet séparé; chaque sachet a coûté un multiple de 0,50; les poires ont coûté le plus; les oranges ont coûté autant que les citrons; un seul ananas qui a coûté la moitié du total des poires; même coût pour pamplemousse et pommes mais une pamplemousse de plus que de pommes; combien de chaque fruit ai-je acheté?

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