15 July 2016

Erratum – 13 July 2016

At the Quiz this week there was a particularly loud gentleman standing right next to me who constantly objected to my questions and answers.

For example, he screamed at me and banged the counter when I announced that Theresa May is the prime minister of the UK, insisting that Cameron would be in office until October.  When the barman switched on a rolling news TV channel where this was their number one item, he still objected saying he couldn't be expected to know "breaking news" stories and the question was therefore unfair.

He made such a racket that I lost concentration at one point and announced the wrong answer to one question. Here is the question and the correct answer:
Which of these towns has a seafront: Bayonne, Biarritz, or both?
Laquelle de ces villes a une façade maritime: Bayonne, Biarritz, ou toutes les deux?

Answer: Biarritz

Sorry about that.

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