30 July 2008

Question of the Day - 30 July 2008

Does an object with a mass of 1kg on weigh more on the Moon, more on Earth, or is it the same?

Un objet d'une masse de 1kg, pèse-t-il plus sur la Lune, plus sur Terre, ou est-ce pareil?


Anonymous said...

It must be the same if it is 1kg in both situations, no?

Anonymous said...

But doesn't it depend on what you mean by "mass" and "weigh"?

Anonymous said...

The weigh and the mass are different. The weigh is a force, kinda gravity acceleration applied to a mass. So, as the gravity is lower on the moon than on the earth, the weigh on the moon is lower than on earth.

Páraic Maguire said...

I couldn't have said it better myself, LG.

Well, actually I could have said it slightly better. (You see "weigh" is a verb, "weight" being the corresponding noun; your weight is how much you weigh.)

But apart from that, your answer is exactly right. Well done!