22 July 2008

Question of the week - 16 July 2008

Why was Danilo Giuffrida (Italy) made take his driving test again in 2000, and every year since, until a court ordered his full licence to be restored in July this year?

a. because he is gay
b. because he is deaf
c. because he has only one leg?


Anonymous said...

Bienvenue en cyberspace, Mr Quiz!

L'Italien... euh... même là-bas y'a pas de loi contre les homos au volant... je dirais alors qu'il est sourd.

Je gagne quoi?


Anonymous said...

Nan! les Italiens parlent tous en langage des sgnes, donc pourquoi pénaliser qq'un qui l'utilise comme langue principale ;-)

Il est unijambiste pour sûr!

Remz said...

I think that the space left for comments should be promptly filled with RUDE and DEROGATORY comments. There. Any idea ?

Páraic Maguire said...

Thanks, Remz, for your interesting contribution!