28 September 2012

Question of the Day - 28 September 2012

What is the name of the satellite that enabled the first live transatlantic television broadcast in 1962?
Quel est le nom du satellite qui permit la première émission télévisée transatlantique en direct en 1962?

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Skibbereen Eagle said...

Telstar, a joint venture by several nation phone companies but built by Bell Labs and launched in 1962.

Also the subject of the hit by the Tornados released in August 1962. A French composer took an action against the songwriter Joe Meek (who had done the sound effects by rubbing a pen on an ashtray edge and playing it backwards!) claiming he had copied his La Marche d'Austerlitz. The claim was resolved in Meek's favour in 1968 but Meek had died the previous year.