18 September 2008

Le Pub Quiz - where love stories begin

Mr Quiz is delighted to announce the first wedding of a Quiz Couple!

Yes folks, M... and L... who are regulars at the Wednesday night Quiz at the Green Linnet have announced their engagement!

The happy couple met at the Quiz a few years ago and have been team-mates ever since. In fact they have also won the Quiz on several occasions thanks to their complementary centres of knowledge and interest (and the help of some friends).

Since Mr Quiz has not yet been authorised by the French State to officiate at weddings, they are getting married in Brittany, the happy event being planned for next year.

So if you're looking for a soul mate but you're tired of trawling through sweaty nightclubs, can't keep up with speed-dating, and cyber-dating provides more sighs than dates, then take a leaf out of M&L's book:

Come to the Pub Quiz - where love stories begin!

Mr Quiz

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Félicitations aux futurs mariés !

Pendant ce temps là nous on n'arrive même pas à récupérer des numéros de téléphone...