29 September 2008

Clue of the week (Quiz 1 Oct 2008)

Destroyed by Atari, circa 1979.


Anonymous said...

Asteroids ? One of the first video i ever played.

Páraic Maguire said...

J'ai aussi un souvenir de ma jeunesse du jeu Asteroids.

Remember that this is not a question, but a clue to be used in conjunction with the other clues given on the night of the Quiz.

So I may not be looking for "Asteroids" as an answer, but something else.

On the other hane, maybe this is a double bluff. You'll never know if you weren't at the Quiz at the Green Linnet this week


Anonymous said...

Couldn't make it :(

Maybe a good idea would be to put the clues after the quiz ?
On per day until the next quiz ?
Just a thought.

Páraic Maguire said...

I think you missed the point!

The Clue of the Week is meant to help you on the night of the Quiz. It's in addition to the four clues that I announce on the night for the bonus question.

So it's in your interest to check out the blog before coming to the pub. If you can make it, of course. Sinon, vous êtes pardonné, mon fils!

(Are you Gabriel, friend of Nicolas, Christophe et al?)

Anonymous said...

Yes I'm that Gabriel Oh grand master of the GL quiz.

Of course i undertand this is just a clue and not an online version t;)
I found the clue very interesting and would have liked to get the others ;) i'll ask the others next wednesday ;)

Gracias por la absolucion ;)